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The Montessori Method


Dr. Maria Montessori is the founder of the Montessori Method of teaching. Her long life was dedicated to improving the education of children, starting from the early observation that every child spontaneously wants to learn. By the time she passed away, her method was being taught successfully throughout the world. 

The Montessori Method is not just a curriculum; it’s a way of life. The Montessori environment supports a child’s natural tendencies to discover his or her own personality, talents, and needs as well as respecting each child’s choices and interests. The environment supports freedom of movement. The children learn to take care of themselves as well as the environment.

The prepared environment addresses the academic and social needs of the children.  Below you will find a description of the different areas the Montessori Method focuses on.

Why choose Montessori? It's all about focus!

General - Development of independence, concentration and self-esteem.

Social - Development and refinement of manners, grace and courtesy;

sharing; respecting other's rights; respect for authority; development of

a sense of one's own rights.

Practical Life - Motor coordination; focusing of attention; development

of interests; healthy eating and nutrition habits; gross and fine physical control.

Sensorial - Development and refinement of sense perceptions; preparation of the mathematical nature of the mind.

Language - Enrichment of vocabulary (naming objects of the environment); reading and writing; creative writing of stories; self expression; learning the parts of speech and the function of words.

Mathematics - The number, quantity, and symbols of math; the decimal system; reading and doing +, -, x and /  ; beginning memorization of + and - combinations.

Geography/History - Learning the names of continents, countries, land forms, etc. and the different cultures that inhabit this earth; working with the clock and understanding time.

Science - Names and classifications of animals and plants, and all the classification that goes with this study; learning the parts and function of plants and animals; learning the needs of plants and animals.

Music/Art - Singing, dance, and self-expression; tone and rhythm in music; movement with music; use of the artists tools and techniques.

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